Mountain Regionals – 5 Teams – 5 Medals

Each season, a coach tries to come up with music and a program that will stand alone amongst a competitive field, balancing technical ability across a team of skaters. Each season, a choreographer attempts to teach movement and emotion that will tell a story. A dress is then designed to convey the theme of the music. Volunteers work diligently countless hours to ensure each skater is ready.

In the end, it’s all about those brief few minutes when it’s just about the skaters. We ask them to leave their heart on the ice and regardless of what points are achieved, skate their program the best they can how they were taught.

It’s now all up to them, nobody else can do this for them. This one specific weekend, the CSSC Black Gold skaters did just that. Our skaters prevailed bringing home 3 gold and 2 bronze medals. Some teams even achieved record points never obtained by our club. Congratulations to all Black Gold skaters on an extremely successful weekend .. WE are all so very proud of you !!