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About the Brand


Elegant. Polished. Professional. 

These are values Black Gold is known for, and we wanted our branding to reflect that to the world.

Introducing the new CSSC branding! The logo combines our club values and some skating symbolism. The new logo captures our values of polished, professional, and elegant skating, while also symbolizing our connectivity to the ice, the sport, each other and the community.

The swoop illustration captures the elegance, movement, fluidity of skating, and the patterns we make on the ice. It embodies movement and flow through these three lines that appear as both ice markings and skating as a cohesive unit.

The script font matched this elegance, fluidity, and movement of the swoop/skating while also portraying both polish and professionalism.


We commit to work hard and respect each other in order to have fun, pursue excellence and reach our goals.