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Breakdown of Season Fees

There are set fees that need to be paid each season by skaters. Here is an outline of what those fees are and when they occur:

  1. TEAM DEPOSIT (Mandatory): Team deposits are required after auditions occur in the spring. If you were assigned a team, you are required to pay a team deposit to hold your spot for the season. Cost of team deposits depend on the team. 
  2. TEAM PRE-PAYMENTS (Optional): Payment to your full season fees will begin in September (for most teams). The full fees are split up into monthly installments from September - February. If you'd like to start paying your full fees before September, you can do so by "buying" pre-payments. The amount you pay in pre-payments will be deducted from your full fees due starting in September. 
  3. TEAM REGISTRATION (Mandatory): Team registration occurs in August. This is when you officially register for the team and begin paying full team fees. 
  4. OTHER FEES (Mandatory and Optional): The other fees section includes fees such as your Skate Canada Membership Fee*, extra ice session costs, extra competition costs, etc...


*You are required to have an active Skate Canada Membership every time you step on the ice. Skate Canada Memberships start September 1 and go till August 31 of the following year. So please make sure to purchase a new membership every September. If you're joining us mid season and you don't have a Skate Canada Membership with another club, you are required to purchase one with us. 

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